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Andre Gooden

Throughout my life I have always been in search of my 'true self.' I have now entered a space that provides me with the energy and the means to accomplish what I feel is my destiny (reconnecting myself and people with the Earth). This journey started when I became a farmer which has also lead me into the field of carpentry where I can provide people of all ages with the means to grow their own food which will in turn feed us both physically and spiritually.

Presentation Description:

There is a gap between previous generations and the new generation; it is much bigger than before and it is important that we close this gap to build the generation that can heal the world.

We all exist and will continue to exist because of this Earth provided to us by the Creator, so it is important that all generations, past and present have a true understanding of what is important to sustain and strengthen the earth that has been provided for us and the generations to come.


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No man is an island.

-John Donne


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