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Ron Forbes

Born April 5, 1985, this 32 year old from the north side of the Cayman Islands is a graduate of Florida International University. He is a three time summer Olympian representing the Cayman Islands, his native land. He has been a professional track and field athlete for 10 years.

Presentation Description:

Bridging the gap between the possible and impossible by means of connecting eyesight with mind-sight.

My idea of connecting the gap of the impossible to the possible is one “bridge” we have to not only build but also cross every day.

How we see things and how we think about things do not always match up, but when we harness the internal power of ourselves to do so, many great opportunities manifest themselves.

Before we build bridges, whether mental or physical, we often build “walls”. Walls in terms of telling our selves it cannot be done.

My concept is to break that apprehensive and self-doubt mindset down for all future goals and aspirations firstly, and to break down walls which we have built so long ago for goals we have put in storage, through our thought patterns, and apply this mentality to our daily lives.


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No man is an island.

-John Donne


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