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James Whittaker

Energy: The Most Important Challenge

ENERGY - The single most important challenge of the 21st century for Caribbean nations.

An issue that tramples all others..... accounting for dramatic impacts to National Security, Economic prosperity, Social harmony... Food, Water, Real Estate, Development, Finance, Tourism, Jobs, Growth, Climate Change, etc. etc. None of these things will remain or become positive if countries like Cayman and other in the region dont radically change the way we utilise and produce energy.

There will be nothing short of failed states, destroyed natural resources and mass migration of our people if we do not address the single greatest challenge of our time, energy.


About James Whittaker

A Caymanian by birth with degrees in Banking, Accounting and International Finance, James spent nearly 20 years working in the financial sectors of Cayman, New York and Bermuda. A pioneer of sustainability in the Caribbean, James brings a unique blend of analytical thinking, relentless passion and inspired ideas with the goal to sustainably change the built environment of the Cayman Islands for the betterment of future generations. Following his passion for the environment, renewable energy and green building James created the GreenTech Group of companies, the only green building solutions conglomerate in the Caribbean providing a full range of sustainability solutions; from design and building of green homes to renewable energy and LEED certification. James is the Chairman of the Cayman Renewable Energy Association (CREA), the President of the Caribbean Sustainability Institute, the founder of the Project Green School and Island Offset Carbon Emissions Programs and a member of Sustainable Cayman. He is the father of two young girls and a life-long Cayman Islands resident, his determination to preserve and build a better Cayman for future generations is unwavering.



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