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Tricia Sybersma

Navigating Orbits

My core message is to introduce a way to navigate ourselves in this busy, complicated world we live in with respect and compassion towards others and their lives. I call this way of navigating Orbits based on my book called Orbits.

My talk will begin with a brief introduction on why I used navigating and how the concept of Orbits came into being, which includes a convergences of four major influences in my life, at the time.

These are, in brief; a traumatic event for my family, which was the main catalyst, my interest in astronomy and the heavens, my interest in sacred geometry and science, and my frustration with concepts such as the law of attraction.

Next, I explain the science and nature behind Orbits and to show how it is really an extension of what is already happening all around us in the sky, in science, in nature and even in our own bodies and DNA. I will explain how using these same principles and applying them to ourselves, we will see that we are in fact, traveling in an individual orbit just like our Earth; an orbit, we can steer and guide when we make choices and have focus. I will explain further how to use Orbits starting right now and how through a process of rebuilding connection with ourselves and the world we live in we can climb back into the pilot seat and take control. We are already orbiting as we go about living, so it would it be better to actively participate in our own process, instead of letting other factors and influences such as media and pressure from society steer our orbits.

Subsequently, I will introduce the many applications of how and where to use Orbits every day from deciding on what to have for breakfast to navigating challenging situations.

I will highlight the tools of Orbits. Too many teachers today are quick to suggest that we have the wrong information, that our individual experiences don't always count and etc. Orbits on the other hand came into being to validate people as individuals and respect their life experiences. As a tool, it is not about a person's beliefs, it is about navigating, waking up our inner guidance system and becoming empowered to live and navigate life making the best choices on an individual basis.

This is timely, important and worth spreading for these current times. In no other time in history have individuals had access to so much information literally at our fingertips as a result, we are exposed to more ideas, opinions, opportunities and events happening all over the world. There is so much to know, worry about and celebrate.

How do we do this? How do we reconnect to what is important to us as individuals and navigate it all? With Orbits!



About Tricia Sybersma

Growing up in a small town in Canada I was happy and content with the familiarity and limits small town living had to offer. When an unexpected career opportunity presented itself through my husband's company, it tossed us completely outside our comfort zone. Ready for an adventure we said yes and moved with our two daughters, under three years old, to Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, December 1993. Here, we started a new chapter in our lives all on our own, without family, friends or familiarity as everything was new. We embraced all of it and soon this island became our home. Years later, again without warning, we were presented with another opportunity, this one was of a traumatic nature as it involved one of our daughters and together as a family we embraced a journey of healing. From these two experiences I learned how to look at life through a filter of navigating in a way that worked for me. I always enjoyed nature, the outdoors and horses. These became my teachers and they taught me about beauty, overcoming challenges, strength, healing and gratitude. I started writing poetry to put into words all that I was feeling and experiencing. Two of my works are now published by Polar Expression Publishing in British Columbia Canada. Next I wrote and photographed a book called Summer's Garden Gratitude in Nature, which highlights through photography how our backyard gardens show us how to bring more gratitude into our daily lives. This book was published by CLM Publishing in the Cayman Islands. My current book, Orbits, is very exciting and as it is a tool for navigating through this complicated world it is for everyone. My experiences taught me that all our experiences are uniquely valuable and it's time for new concepts via books and media to recognize and celebrate this which is what Orbits does in a way that is fun, exciting and adventurous.



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