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Stacie Sybersma

The Ocean's Potential

Our world is ~70% ocean, and only ~30% land, yet as a society we are constantly focusing on land and forgetting the ocean. For many of us land is our past and present, but is it really our future? My talk will discuss the untapped potential of the ocean, as a source of fresh water, as the source of resources, as a way of transportation, and as a food source. Using examples the presentation will then talk about the importance of proper management, to protect and sustain these resources so they can be used by generations to come. People will leave this talk with a new appreciation for the ocean, and an improved awareness for coastal and ocean management.



About Stacie Sybersma

I grew up locally on Grand Cayman, and fell in love with the ocean and the coastal zone. This love led me to obtained my Bachelors in Biology in 2012, and a Master's in Marine Management in 2014. My passion for the ocean and coastal zone has lead me to tackle tough projects, such as my thesis, which looked at contamination from the George Town Land Fill going into the North Sound. I believe that many people lack a general understanding of the ocean, which I am passionate about addressing. I strongly believe that education and awareness are powerful conservation tools.



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