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Tamer Soliman

How Bright Spots Can Transform Your Well-Being

In order to improve the future of health and wellness in the western world we need to seek the Bright Spots that surround us. A 'Bright Spot' is a traditional, successful practice that is accessible to everyone in a community and, if embraced, or reembraced, can change the health of communities for the better.

When I moved to the Cayman Islands, I came across a shocking truth: This Caribbean country, with coconut palms lining the shores, over time, had mostly abandoned utilizing local coconut products and were sending coconuts to the dump. Instead of making coconut oil and coconut milk, and drinking fresh coconut water, people had turned to the modern conveniences of imported, processed food products.

With modern research claiming that the coconut is one of the healthiest foods on the planet, I believe the coconut is the Bright Spot of the Cayman Islands. The amazing thing about Bright Spots is that if you embrace just one, an integrate it into your life, it has the power to be the gateway to improved health and wellbeing.


About Tamer Soliman

My favorite dishes have always been those prepared traditionally, using authentic ingredients and made with love. It was only until I became a nutritionist that I realized the power that traditional culinary practices had over keeping us healthy, and how many of these practices were, unfortunately, falling by the wayside. Producing health documentaries, giving public speeches and organizing farm-to-table dinners wasn't how I planned to educate the public, but I couldn't resist using these mediums once I had a message to share - to tune out the chaos of the nutritional sciences and simply embrace the Bright Spots in our villages, communities, cities, provinces, states, and countries - and letting them become the gateway to improved health and well-being.



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